How To Become a Supplier

To become a supplier, please register now

If you make use of any of the channel managers below, please contact us on to list your products via these platforms.

Activitybridge: If you make use of Activitybridge, please contact us with your intention to list. ActivityHub will load your products via the Activitybridge platform.

Activitar: If you make use of Activitar, please contact us with your intention to list and follow the steps below

  • Navigate to
  • Select "Supplier Log In"
  • Select "Wholesalers" on the left menu pane
  • Select "Discover wholesalers" on the top menu bar
  • Input "ActivityHub" into search input field and select Discover
  • Select the "Edit" button on the right of ActivityHub
  • Complete the required fields
  • Under Contract type, input "Net Rates"
  • Under Billing Method, input "Bill Back"
  • Select "Create Contract"

Cancelling a Booking

In the unfortunate event that a booking needs to be cancelled, this will need to be done directly from your ActivityHub profile.